While photographing weddings, I strive to capture comfort, interaction and personality. These elements lay the foundation for photographs that are true to life. My photos are real representations of people and the relationships that they share.

Documentary Approach

With any wedding or portrait session, my goal is to create a visual story for you. Most of my photographs are created quietly as I observe relationships and moments throughout the day. I put my time and efforts into documenting real life interaction rather than forcing a situation to achieve a certain image. While the focus of my work is documentary, I believe it is important create some timeless portraits of you and yours.

Analog Film Process

My photographs are made with traditional film cameras. Shooting classic, manual cameras helps me slow down and create each photograph with purpose. I am more connected to my subjects when I remove distractions such as screens and menus. Film photography gives me tangible control of my work. From loading the film into the camera, to developing it at my photo lab, the process is tangible and timeless. After developing your film, I scan each roll frame-by-frame to create digital versions of the photographs. The digital files are then delivered to you for personal use and printing.