I took this photo about one year ago on a gloomy day in downtown Louisville. This is one of my favorite blocks in the city. Iron Quarter is a series of iron-framed buildings that sit on W. Main Street between 1st and 2nd Streets.

Wednesday, Todd Blue of Cobalt Ventures (owner of Iron Quarter) confirmed that all preservation plans for Iron Quarter have been forfeited and the six iconic structures will be demolished. The demolition approval process has begun and should take about two months before any physical action takes place.

A few years ago, plans were made to restore Iron Quarter into a large downtown shopping complex that would be adjacent to the brand new UofL Arena. Mayor Abramson is not for the demolition and has been working hard to get the buildings sold to new owners that would restore the property. I actually saw the Mayor inspecting the premises a few months ago when doing a shoot on the back side of Iron Quarter (E. Washington Street). Unfortunately, Todd Blue has been unwilling to sell despite Abramson’s push.

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